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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 891 reviews
    Aurore Pire
    Love this blue wave

    Amazing color, i love it!!
    Purple AF 💜 and Aquamarine 💙
    Perfect combo it looks so nice.
    My hair are not bleached.

    .I love it!!

    So far the best blue I've ever used

    I only used it on the bang sections this time around, because I'm enjoying a light green general vibe. However, it turned out way better than I even expected. My hair was light blonde, but still yellowish with a tiny bit of light green leftover in it. I expected it to be a bit more greenish, but I was happy it wasn't. I've had it for around a month now, and it's just now fading noticibly, and it's still very blue, just more cotton candy like now. Kind of wishing I had bought a bigger bottle in case I decide to switch things up, but I may have to purchase one later. Arctic fox is the best brand for the money, and it is less permanent than other brands, which I find great, as I like to change colors fairly frequently. Fading is still plenty slow, but the color does eventually fade mostly out, which, as I said, is a plus for me.

    Jessie Eddy

    Best haircolor hands down.

    Rachel Draper

    Such an amazing colour. I love it

    Autumn Cole
    Love it

    My daughter has like a dirty blonde natural color and this color turned out amazingly in her her we didnt even use bleach.

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